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Seventh Realm Productions is a publisher with a difference. Our fellow writers are at the heart of everything we do.

We specialise in sci-fi and fantasy but are always on the lookout for new and original talent that catches our eye.

We are run by authors and we understand your book is your baby. Many publishers will accept a draft of a book before ripping it to shreds and rejigging it to fit 'their style.' At Seventh Realm your book is published how YOU want - and no adhering to some companies guidelines.

While we offer guidance and editing services it is not our job to change your cherished manuscript into something unrecognizable.

We are not just a book publisher. We offer advice and guidance to new writers who are unsure about how to start their own amazing journey. Our advice is totally free and always in your best interest.

In addition to this, we run a proofreading service and are in touch with several talented designers and cover illustrators. Our ultimate goal is to get your book published and available to share to the crowds across all formats.

We also have connections with Gardners; the U.K's biggest book wholesaler with links across the globe - meaning your book can literally be sold and distributed anywhere in the world.

Ready to begin your journey. Send us a message to take that first step.


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