Imperial Nova

Imperial Nova

In a future where nuclear war us on the verge of beginning, where Superpowers fight over petty materials and and mass destruction takes only a political mistake, a peace mission into space seems to be the only solution. Five brave astronauts are brought in from each nation to step into the breach and rebuild the political landscape. But when the ship disappears with all hands presumed lost, sabotage is immediately assumed...

Focussing specifically on the personal victims of cold war, Imperial Nova follows the crew of the UESPA-2 Hawking after their disappearance. As the crew strive for human contact, they grow more paranoid and irritable, and are forced to confront the true nature of their assignment. Realising they are expendable cast-offs that had no use in a time of war. How can a traitor, a murderer, a violent anti-social and a convicted criminal bring the unity of peace where the world's greatest astronauts already failed?
The story of "the best of what's left" suffering psychological distress is explored in a disturbing context. One that delves deeper into the cold politics of war.


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